LOWSALT Invites you to join us at Welcome to BRIDGELAND

Welcome to BRIDGELAND by Jodi Rose
A Lowsalt Event for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2010


Location: South Portland Street Suspension Bridge (1853)
(Old red foot bridge on the River Clyde, next to Jamaica St Bridge)

Lowsalt is thrilled to be working with Jodi Rose, a Berlin-based artist, writer and creator of Singing Bridges, an urban sonic sculpture using the cables of bridges as musical instruments on a global scale.

‘Welcome to Bridgeland’ will be the ceremonial opening of Bridgeland, takingplace on the South Portland St Suspension Bridge on April 23rd for GI 2010. With local collaborators Guy Veale and Dave Tunstall, artist Jodi Rose will conduct a site-specific musical performance and celebration to bridge sounds.
During the build up to Gi Jodi Rose will be keeping an ongoing blog for PAR+RS (Public Art Scotland), discussing the development of Bridgeland, and sharing her thoughts about the project and its broader context.
What is Bridgeland?

Bridgeland is singing. Bridgeland is dancing. Bridgeland is freedom. Bridgeland is yes. Bridgeland is infinite. Bridgeland is every bridge around the world. Bridgeland is home.
Every bridge, everywhere is part of Bridgeland.

Every bridge is connected to all other bridges through the vibrations in their structure. Stretching across geographical and architectural borders into a new acoustic form, all bridges resonate with a secret music, transmitting and receiving messages, codes and signals. Voice and vibration. Concrete and abstract. A sensual aurality. Immersed in the world by your ear.

Amplifying the cables and bridge structure, the Bridge becomes an instrument played by the artists, in an audio/ visual on-site intervention taking us on a mysterious journey through a suddenly unfamiliar urban landscape. The live sounds of the bridge are woven into a "dark, industrial, organic, chaotic, strange and beautiful" composition, including a performance exploring the mythology, stories and poetics of bridges.

Bridgeland transcends the outlines of geography, where crossing the bridge transports you into another reality. Bridgeland is a place where anything may be possible. All we need is imagination.

Bridgeland Production Credits
Concept Development: Jodi Rose
Musicians: Guy Veale & Dave Tunstall
Production/Technical realisation: Jodi Rose, Lowsalt

Commissioned by Lowsalt in association with Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2010

PAR+RS blog: http://www.publicartscotland.com/blogs/20-Welcome-to-Bridgeland

Jodi Rose Biography
Originally from Australia, Rose studied Sculpture, Performance and Installation at Sydney College of the Arts. Since 2002 she has traversed the globe from Helsinki to the Mekong Delta, New York to Glasgow in an endless quest for bridge music. Created using field-recordings, composition and improvisation, her fascination with bridge music has led to numerous collaborations with artists around the world. Listening to the sound of bridge cables, the voice of each bridge is heard as an instrument for an expanded urban musical experience, a Global Bridge Symphony.


Guy Veale is a composer, sound designer and A/V editor based in Glasgow. Recent work includes an audio commission for IKEA, production of Sarah-Jane Summers' Nesta album, and sound design / original music for five Al Seed shows, including The Fooligan and The Red Room (in collaboration with David Hughes Dance), which won Herald Angel and Herald Little Devil awards respectively. He is also a member of "Nae Wave" (NME, Oct 09) band Big Ned, and plans to release his debut solo album in 2011.

Dave Tunstall has been a musician since the age of 4, beginning with the piano.  He went on to study the piano double bass at RSAMD Glasgow and later Drawing and Painting at The Glasgow School of Art.  Over the years, Dave has played with various Symphony Orchestras, jazz, rock and experimental pop ensembles.  Currently he plays with Glasgow’s ‘The John Langan Band’, as well as London-based Adam Beattie and the Consultants, and he recently performed as part of the 'Orzel' film performance with 85a collective & Lowsalt.