The ‘ORZEL’ film performance
November 5th, 6th and 7th
(2 Shows per Night: 7-8pm and 9-10pm)
Across from STEREO Bar ///// 20-28 Renfield Lane, Glasgow, G2 6PH

Created by the 85A Collective
Produced in association with Lowsalt Gallery

The extremely rare Polish film 'Orzel' (1958) dramatically tells the true story of 'the Eagle', a Polish submarine that escaped internment in Estonia during the outbreak of WWII at the ever-growing hands of the Nazis and miraculously escaped, without the aid of maps and next to little fuel, to the far off shore of Rosyth, Scotland.

Taking their lead from the industrial naval might of the Orzel, the pounding barrage of depth charges, and the eerie presence of sonar, 85A have created The ORZEL film performance: an expanded cinema experience involving the screening of a remixed version of the original film and a musical sound-scape performed live, all within the confines and claustrophobic context of a submarine set-piece.

85A’s new venture is a collaborative synthesis of 13 Glasgow based artists and musicians which grew out of the highly received: 'The Student of Prague' performance [The Now Museum, Nov. 2008] - the aggregation of an old, silent German horror film and a newly composed score performed live over two respective nights, produced by The Now Museum in association with Lowsalt Gallery and Pointless AV.


"Truth is more beautiful than fantasy."
- As stated by a former crew member of the Orzel

Enquiries: info@85A.org.uk

Pointless Cinema at SWG3 Glasgow & Glastonbury Festival 2009
in the Bassline Circus dome, Shangri-la field

For more information and documentation: www.thesoundsurgery.co.uk/pointless/cinema


Pointless Cinema at SWG3
Sunday 14th June, 5-8pm
SWG3: 100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow, G3 8QG

As part of the first Glasgow Gallery Weekend April 16- 19th, LOWSALT presents DUPLEX
Opening Event Saturday April 18th, 5- 9pm
Glasgow Sculpture Studios Carpark: 145 Kelvinhaugh St, Glasgow

by Will Foster

& AT DUSK, a performance by Sparrow and the Workshop


Congratulations to Jen Sykes and Ane Østrem for being selected for the Duplex residency.
A closing gathering will be held this Sunday April 26th, from 5- 7pm.
Location: Glasgow Sculpture Studios Carpark at 145 Kelvinhaugh St, Glasgow

Also as part of Glasgow Gallery Weekend, Lowsalt is pleased to announce:

Oliver Braid Presents
The Ultimate Romantic Gesture for One Night Only.
Saturday 18th April 2009, 6pm – 10pm
Studio Warehouse: 100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow

www.swg3.tv & www.lowsalt.org.uk co-production

Oliver Braid Presents
Jamie Radcliffe: The Exhibition
The Ultimate Romantic Gesture for One Night Only.

Artists Included: Simon Bayliss, Julie Burrows, Jon Burgerman, Aagje Buzink, Amelia Bywter, Celeste Carballo, Cordelia Cembrowicz, Kaifeng Chun, Matthew Collier, Alexis Dirks, Claire Dorsett, Caroline Douglas, Solveig Einarsdottir, Hannah Ellul and Ben Knight, Marc Elsner, Erica Eyres, Kitty Finer, Leo Fitzmaurice, Sarah Forrest, Patrick Gantert, Claire Greenshaw, Michelle Hannah and The Kingdom of Perpetual Muin, Ellie Harrison, Tom Harrup, Sean Hawkridge, Lena Henke, Anna Henson, Katharina Kiebacher, Paul Knight, Harry Lawson, Alice Maplesden, Amy Marletta/Patty Melt, Jack McLean, Alison Mellor, Jenny Moore Koslowsky, Shelly Nadashi, Christian Newby, Janie Nicoll, Sally Noall, Laurence Payot, James Price, Charlotte Prodger/Sophie MacPherson/Brina Thurston/ Kate Roberston, Paul Sammut, Rosemary Scanlon and Tytus Hardy, Peter Schoeffer, Maayke Schurer, Cheyenne Seeley, Anna Louise Shipley AKA Miss Shippers, Fiona Short, JP Somerville, Theodoris Stamatogiannis, Anna Tanner, Daren Tesar, Nancy Tomkins, Sally Tarbutt, Deniz Uster, Leah Watt, Daniel Simpkins and Penny Whitehead, Alberta Whittle, Emily Womack, Tobias Wootton, Jamie Wright, Burcu Yagcioglu.

2008 Highlight:
at Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art
for documentation of all 3 Gi projects, click image below

or visit www.lowsalt.org.uk/gi2008

The Secret Agent Cast and Crew 2008